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welcome to, "it's a british thing" where the english drink tea with the queen and the americans enjoy mcdonalds with obama.
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I just want to describe you…

You could always make me laugh. But you do not ever want to know when I’m sad. I’m happy you attention to me. sometimes you often make me fall in love when we meet. but, I’m afraid Seeing you angry. I do not like! I was too scared to lose you. I know all you are doing is definitely the best for me. I believe you. I love all of you. I like it at all you like. why? love never need a reason. because if there is a reason it is not love. but, it’s you. because of you, I know what love is. and I can make sense of what love is. because love never know the word selfish, haughty, arrogant, angry, rude. I could learn it all and understand because of you. I love you with all my heart Albi Adzani Kasyidi


Ulfah Khoirida

Ik weet niet wat er van mij geworden zonder jou. Waarom doe je zo? Ik was boos, erg! maar ik weet dat dit liefde is groter dan mijn woede. wijzigt u omwille van onze relatie. hou je nog van me?


Insha’Allah the rest of us.


(Source: haaretz, via thebeautyofislam)